What Is Technical Drawing: Functions and Best Software to Make It


Have you ever heard of the term technical drawing? When we want to realize an idea for a product, technical drawing is a way that can be used to describe the idea.

Some fields of work such as architecture, mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering, are accustomed to making drawings using the drawing technique method, because the final product must be precise.

Curious about what technical drawing and how it is made, as well as what its function is, here is a full review:

Definition Technical Drawing

Technical drawing is a drawing technique that is needed to make various things. For example in a manufacturing company, drawing techniques are needed to sketch spare parts and other products that will be produced in the company.

Likewise with contractor companies that need technical drawings to build a house and also the complete building.

Some of the things that are done in this drawing technique include diagrams, blueprints, 3D sketches and 2D sketches of a building, product, machine, to road details.

Of course, not just anyone can draw with the method of drawing techniques. People who understand this method of drawing must be a professional in their field, called a drafter.

Generally, a drafter will use a software to be able to draw a design, converting a given design from the architect into a technical drawing.

Functions of Technical Drawing

Making drawings using the technical drawing method turns out to have several functions, including the following:

  • As an idea

Technical drawings are made as an idea. The idea is then realized in the form of a drawing or design which will be evaluated continuously until it becomes a perfect image.

  • As a Technical Language

As the name implies technical drawing, the function of technical drawing is as a technical language for many people. Often technical drawings and technical language are difficult to translate.

  • As Archive Documents

Technical drawings also function as archive documents. These images are very important and must be archived properly, so that in the future it can be easier to find data if needed.

Format for Making Technical Drawings

After knowing the meaning of technical drawings, what is the format for making these drawings? Is it hard enough to do? The following is the format for drawing technical drawings:

  • Creating a Design Sketch

This is a basic step that must be taken before starting the drawing technique, namely making a design sketch of a product to be sold.

What is meant by a sketch here is of course not a rough drawing, but an image accompanied by accurate information in the drawing.

For example, you will create a drawing technique for the production of a light bulb. Start drawing a light bulb, but it must be accompanied by how much volume, how long, how to put the wires and others.

Who was the drafter for the drawing? There must be people who understand the design, namely industrial designers.

design Technical drawing must contain the visual aesthetics of the product, clear dimensions, clear functions, and details of the materials used.

  • 2D Sketch Image (blueprint)

The next format is with 2D sketches or blueprints. This is the most commonly used format.

This 2D sketching technique must contain elements of all sides of a product, the materials used, and clear dimensions.

This 2D drawing must be drawn manually, in contrast to the 3D sketch drawing which is easier by simply rotating it.

  • CAD

format In addition to the 2D format, the CAD format is also often used to create drawing techniques. CAD (computer aided design) is a software used to design an electronic product, one of which is.

Uniquely, this CAD format is like a combination of 2D and 3D drawing techniques, so you can see the product as it is in its original form. You can also do a product simulation, when the product already exists in the real world.

  • Electronic Schematic

This format is quite simple, because it can be widely used to make electronic products such as gadgets for example.

Such a product has an electronic board or printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). This schematic also includes a drawing technique of tension forces and their connections.

The technical drawings that are made are usually in the form of diagrams that contain all the functions of each component, the stresses of each, and the connectivity of these components.

Best Software for Technical Drawing

For those of you who are interested in making technical drawings easily, here are some recommended applications:

  • Adobe illustrator, software is also suitable for making technical drawing formats. Some of the latest versions can even create better design drawings.
  • Autocad, a CAD application most often used by drafters for drawing techniques, especially in creating 2D and 3D drawings.
  • SolidWorks, software is widely used to make parts of drawings that are quite difficult in the form of 2D drawings.
  • Adobe Photoshop, this software must have been popular among photo and image editors. The addition of effects to images will often be made in this application.
  • Microsoft Visio, software is able to create diagrams and schematics that are easy to create.
  • Microsoft Excel, software from Microsoft is usually used to process data. In addition, it turns out that it can also be used to create graphics needed in drawing techniques.


Technical drawing is a method of drawing by including details and information of the product to be drawn using certain formats.

People who work in engineering will usually understand more about this drawing technique.

For large companies, the task of a drafter is very important, in order to be able to visualize the product to be produced with precise and accurate drawing techniques.

This precise and accurate principle must also be present in the writing of the company’s financial statements, so that it can be even better.

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