What is Bitmap: Definition, Advantages and Disadvantages

For those of you who work in the graphic design field, the term bitmap is something that is certainly familiar.

The graphic team is tasked with creating a design using a graphic format, one of which is a bitmap.

When creating a design, the graphic team needs to make proper photo and image editing. Usually they will create a bitmap or vector to produce a good graphic design.

So what is a bitmap and what are bitmaps used for? Here’s the full review.

Understanding Bitmap

Bitmap is an image that is broken down in the form of small unique units or commonly called pixels. This is an image file format that is usually used when you want to save graphic files on your computer.

Literally, a bitmap is a map bits which when displayed on a mobile phone or computer screen will form a certain image.

Simply put, a bitmap only consists of two basic colors, namely black and white. With increasing complexity, the colors develop into more and more until they reach millions of colors.

Bitmap files are capable of storing a lot of information at high resolution in order to produce beautiful images. However, bitmaps have an immutable scale, so when they are enlarged the image will appear blurry.

This happens because when a bitmap image is enlarged, the pixels will also enlarge so that the image looks broken.

If you look at the files in your computer folder and find the document format “.bmp.” then it is the format for saving bitmap files.

Not only that, bitmaps are some of the file formats that you also frequently store on your computer, such as GIF, PNG and JPEG.

Uses of Bitmaps

After knowing what bitmaps are, next we will find out what bitmaps are used for. For graphic design teams, generally they use bitmaps when doing various purposes such as the following:

  • For Good Images with Low Resolution

There are many images that are usually needed for a website from an online or news portal. These images should use good images, but with lower pixels.

The design team will usually choose a bitmap image because it is considered to have an attractive appearance on a digital screen, and has a low resolution.

The resolution used on average is around 300 dpi, but can be adjusted according to needs.

  • For more detailed editing stages,

the graphic team also usually works to do detailed photo editing. By using files bitmap

They can edit to the maximum, ranging from color profiles, adding effects, to creating smooth lines.

  • To Generate Realistic-Looking Images

Using bitmap-quality images will produce images that are more realistic than files vectorThe many choices of color profiles make the images look more real.

applications smartphone, bitmaps are usually used to attract users’ attention and interact with their products.

Differences between Vector and Bitmap

As previously discussed, the graphic team mostly creates designs in 2 formats, namely bitmap and vector. Then what is the difference between the two?

The difference that is easiest to find is in the pixels. Bitmap is a file that has pixels as the building blocks of an image.

Whereas in vector format, the file does not have pixels but is a collection of lines that form an image after previously compiled from mathematical calculations.

The difference between bitmap and vector also lies in the ability of the editor. Vectors can usually be edited using Adobe Illustrator or other similar graphics applications.

While bitmaps are usually edited a lot through applications such as Adobe Photoshop and other similar applications.

files will also be difficult to create or convert in vector form. However, vector images are very easy to convert into files bitmap

Vector graphics are usually more widely used in making logo images, card illustrations, animations and so on. While bitmaps are mostly used for images with good color gradations, such as a photo.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitmap

Before creating an image with file , you should also know what the advantages and disadvantages of bitmaps are. Here’s the review:

  • Advantages of Bitmap

Graphics with bitmap format can actually be opened via any device, such as mobile phones and computers.

Graphic design with bitmap format is also very useful for digital marketing purposes, such as creating websites and making promotional advertisements on social media.

Colors generated from images with bitmap format display natural colors. This is because bitmaps store a lot of color information which is very useful for a photo file.

  • Disadvantages of Bitmap

As a pixel image, the drawback of the bitmap format is that the image is easily broken when enlarged. This will be enough to make you confused in taking the size of an image.

If the size is reduced to a smaller size, the image will become blurry. The quality of images with bitmap format is arguably not as good as vector images, even though the size of the graphics is larger than vector graphics.

List Software of Bitmap-Based

After understanding the definition of bitmap, its uses and advantages, a bitmap is an image whose editing process can be done through the following software:

  • Adobe Photoshop

This photo editing software is definitely yours. Widely used for editing photos or images, one of which is from a bitmap file. This software is certainly highly recommended for editing other files such as JPE, JPG, JPEG and PNG.

  • Corel Photo Paint

Software from the Corel company can also be used to process images in bitmap format. Most photographers like this software because there are many editing effects in it.

  • GIMP

This software is also for photo editing, equipped with various easy-to-use features. This software can also be used for free.

  • Paintshop Pro

Paintshop pro software is an application that also makes editing bitmap files easier. Both from Corel, the Athentech Imaging feature in it is considered its best advantage.

  • Microsoft Paint

Software from Microsoft is certainly no doubt in making it easier to edit bitmap images easily and quickly.


By knowing the meaning of bitmap, and knowing the difference between it and vector, the graphics team at your company can focus more on creating images for promotional needs and so on.

In addition to graphic design matters for promotion, the business of financial records in the company is also an important thing to prioritize. In this digital age, financial records should be processed using software special accounting and business