What is Augmented Reality: Definition, Uses and How It Works

One of the things that is often discussed regarding future technology is the presence of AR. AR or Augmented Reality is something that will be widely used in the future, in the virtual world.

You must have heard of the Metaverse. Metaverse is a virtual world offered by Facebook that you can only access via AR.

For some people, the term AR may sound strange and is not used in everyday life.

Curious about what Augmented reality and how to use it? the following is a full review.

What is Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that can penetrate the boundaries of the real world, meaning that everything will look real, even if only through the digital world.

This technology combines digital content with our real world in real time. People who use AR will be able to see objects in 2D and 3D, which look like they are in the real world.

Then how can we connect with the virtual world? Augmented Reality with tools such as cameras, computer webcams, and special glasses.

At first glance, seeing the progress of AR technology and the tools to access it, this technology can only be enjoyed by people from the upper middle class. In fact, technologically, AR We have seen this before on a smartphone.

Devices that Support Augmented Reality At

you may be more curious about how to use augmented reality . As previously discussed, this AR virtual world can be accessed with special tools. Here are some devices or tools that can be used:

  • Specially Augmented Reality Devices, well-designed AR devices. One example is the HUD (heads up display) whose function is to transmit data transparently to the user.
  • Mobile devices, these are tablets or smartphones that support AR and are suitable for special mobile phone, such as social media, games, etc.
  • AR glasses, the next device is AR in the form of large glasses such as Google Glass. Besides that, there are also Meta 2 glasses and later see-thru.
  • Virtual Retinal Displays (VRD), these devices can produce images from laser light into the human eye. The goal, so that the image display becomes more contrast and high resolution.

Use of Augmented Reality

After knowing the meaning of AR, it’s time for us to know how the application of this virtual technology in various industries today. Here’s the review:

1. Retail Industry

You need to know that AR has started to be used in the retail industry. One company that has adopted this technology is IKEA, furniture a Swedish

The company began testing this technology in 2012. At that time, shoppers could see what the shelves and tables they would buy would look like in 3D, in an application.

IKEA itself already has a special application called Place, so users can view product catalogs with displays throughout their homes.

Augmented reality is a new feature to improve the user experience, especially in the world of technopreneurship.

2. Broadcasting

Industry The next industry that has also taken advantage of Augmented reality is Broadcasting. This industry has always featured new technology from the past.

You still remember the broadcast of weather forecasts that show images of clouds, time, and temperature in each region or country.

You may also have seen sporting events, where the television screen display becomes full of animated products from the sponsor of the event. All of that is included in AR.

3. Augmented Reality on Social Media

Almost everyone is a user of various social media today. AR Of course, don’t forget this platform.

One example is in the social media Instagram. Some IG filters that make the face beautiful, bright or as if using make up, it’s AR with 3D objects, and combined with the logic of AI technology (Artificial intelligent).

4. Health Industry

Another industry that has implemented Augmented reality technology is the health industry. This technology is widely used to integrate digital information into the real world.

Several things such as surgery planning, patient care, to socialization of medical conditions were delivered using AR because they were considered very complex.

Especially in the health department, students have also used augmented reality in the form of a headset, to learn about the anatomy of the human body.

5. The Game Industry

Remember the Pokemon Go that went viral a few years ago? The game actually already contains elements of the virtual world and augmented reality.

Games like that seem to be increasingly mushrooming in the Metaverse era or the virtual world later. We can play as if in the real world, fun isn’t it!

Works Augmented Reality

reality is a new way to get entertainment and new experiences in the virtual world that will be popular in the future. AR can work through 3 components, namely:

1. Hardware and Sensors

In order to access AR, a special hardware is needed. This hardware is the processor of a computer that has a large capacity.

In addition, sensor components are also needed, because augmented reality is a technology that works to increase reality. The sensor must be able to detect several things, such as:

  • Detecting the depth of distance, with a depth sensor
  • Detecting how far and near an object is, with a proximity sensor
  • Detecting the position of the device being used, with a gyroscope sensor
  • Detecting motion, speed, and rotation, with an accelerometer
  • Detecting a light with a light sensor

2. Software

The next important component is software, whose job it is to process data from hardware commands.

The software will estimate how bright, how flat, to how the hand condition when holding a device. Such information will then be processed by the software, so the results are more real.

3. Applications

After hardware and software are ready, then how to access an AR? Of course we need an application.


technology Augmented reality is an innovation in the virtual world, which will even be widely used in the future.

Maybe not everyone can use augmented reality in the virtual world, because it requires special devices and tools to be able to access it.

Technological advances have created something that can simplify, entertain and create new experiences for users.

Likewise in the business world, we must use a touch of technology to make work easier, including in making financial records.